Great News! Our sister site has launched. Uteach is a free to use site where teachers can share and teach others how to do things.

Uteachonline is a simplified version of our full Chinanovation platform that has been designed for teachers and students by teachers. Please have a look and if you have any suggests please let us know at The site can be used for fun to generate traffic for the teachers youtube channel and some examples of that are:

or it can be used for more serious activities like:

The teachers can can interact with their students using the forums beneath their courses and they can email offers out to students who enrol on their courses. It is a great way to advertise a new course or any other offer the teachers may have for people interested in their subject.

For instance a teacher may want to email his following and tell them about a new course he has to offer or a new book to read.

It is free for the teachers to register and they control their courses. They can elect to make their courses free or choose to charge their students. Either way the teacher is in control.

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